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Red Cross Helpline 1717



  • Always open - 24/7
  • Toll-free from any number
  • Confidentiality – anonymity – neutrality
  • Available for those in need of assistance

No issue is too big or small for the helpline. Annually we receive about 15.000 contacts that are as diverse as they are many. Our volunteers are professionally trained, well-experienced and of all ages. Examples of issues that we receive are:

  • loneliness, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-harm
  • eating disorders, mental disorders, grief and trauma
  • finance, educational difficulties, housing problems, unemployment
  • relationship and communications difficulties, stigma, bullying,
  • health issues, addiction
  • sexual, mental and physical abuse
  • child protection
  • sex, contraception, STDs

This list is however not exhaustive and the helpline can be contacted for all kinds of reasons: for psychological support, counseling, active listening and information on resources available in Icelandic society.

Online chat
The helpline is also available via our online chat. When connecting to the chat, we ask for a name and an e-mail address. Keep in mind that you do not have to provide your right name or e-mail. 

Complete confidentiality and anonymity is promised. If you do not receive an answer soon after you have been connected, it´s because our chat is busy at the moment and we ask you to wait for the next available counselor. If you, for some reasons, cannot wait for the next available counselor, you can always leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible within the next 24-hours.

About Red Cross Helpline 1717
About 95 volunteers answer the Red Cross Helpline 1717. Each volunteer receives extensive training and courses before becoming a volunteer. Volunteers are then offered guidance and seminars on issues relating to the helpline. The Helpline´s main role is to provide active listening and advice on community resources for people of all ages in need. The helpline also provides psychological support and counseling for those who feel betrayed online. Our role is therefore very broad in the sense of being available for those who seek confidential and neutral assistance. There is thus no contact irrelevant to the Helpline.

The Red Cross Helpline 1717 collaborates with various institutions and organizations, both local and international, including The Directorate of Health, The 112 National Emergency Number, The Icelandic Mental Health Alliance, Save the Children and Home and School.

The Helpline is a partner of the Child Helpline International (CHI) and the Safer Internet Program, Insafe and INHOPE to deliver a safer and better internet. The helpline also plays the role of a professional counselor in the project “Volunteerism? – I´m Game!” which is operated by the Regional Voluntary Center in Katowice. The aim of the project is to develop and improve volunteerism in Polish schools.
The helpline plays a big role in cases of disaster such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions when evacuation is needed. The role of the Helpline is mainly to provide information to victims and relatives in such disasters.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Red Cross Helpline 1717, you can apply here and a Red Cross representative will contact you as soon as possible.