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Become a volunteer

To become a volunteer at the Icelandic Red Cross please register here and someone from our volunteer center will contact you.

Volunteer information, a brochure for new volunteers.

Second-hand clothing

Red Cross branches throughout the country collect second-hand clothing, which is sold in Red Cross stores or made available free of charge to vulnerable people in Iceland. Most of the clothing is sold in Europe and the profits are used for international aid. 

To become a volunteer in the stores or clothing collection please apply here on the web.

Please bring your second-hand clothing to the Red Cross branch located in your region. In the capital area, the Icelandic Red Cross collects second-hand clothing in collaboration with “Sorpa” recycling centers. In all of “Sorpa's” recycling centers (see www.sorpa.is for additional information) you can find a collection container from the clothing collection service of the Icelandic Red Cross. The containers are white and are clearly marked.

All second-hand items (or new items) must be clean, useable and of quality. If you wouldn't buy it then we probably won't be able to sell it! The better the quality of your items, the more money we can raise from their sale.

Red Cross 24-hour Helpline 1717

The Red Cross Helpline 1717 is a toll-free number open 24 hours a day for those who need assistance due to grief, anxiety, fear, depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Red Cross volunteers offer immediate emotional support to those who feel distressed or lonely, and when needed provide information on how to receive further assistance. 

Please contact us tel. 570 4000  central @redcross.is if you want to become a volunteer.
Note: Good Icelandic proficiency is required for those interested in answering 1717 calls.

Home Visiting Service

The goal and purpose of the Home Visiting Service is to visit people who might be socially isolated and to offer them friendship, comfort and warmth. The person receiving the visitor is a host and the one making the visit is a visitation friend.

We all have a need for companionship but different situations can force us to loose contact with others and we might become socially isolated.

The visitation friend and the host enjoy a variety of activities together, such as playing cards or chess, reading, chatting, taking walks, going for or a drive or to a café, watching a film, and much more. Volunteers sometimes bring a pet along to the visits.

Visiting friends, visit prisoners, refugees, asylum seekers, the ill, the elderly, lonely people and others who ask for home visits.

Do you want to by become a visiting friend?

Please contact the Head office of the Red Cross (telephone: 570 4000, e-mail:  [email protected]).

Network after imprisonment

Volunteers are companions of a person who has recently served a prison sentence. Volunteers can help with various aspects of daily life and the changes that will be made to complete serving.

Volunteers commit to work for 12 months and the age limit is 25 years.

Apply here!

Note that not everyone who applies can become a volunteer in this particular project. Applicants are included in assessment interviews and need to attend courses before they can begin work.

Open house after imprisonment

The Red Cross in Kópavogur has an open house every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm, where people who have completed their detention can come and get volunteer assistance with various things as well as a short educational talk.

We are in Hamraborg 11 on the 2nd floor and we welcome everyone. Light refreshments available.

To become a volunteer in an open house, sign up here.

Social Support for Asylum seekers

An asylum seeker is a person who has submitted an application to the authorities of the receiving country, seeking to be recognized as a refugee, with all the rights this status entails. Once a request for asylum has been granted by the authorities, the applicant will receive official recognition of his/her refugee status. Asylum seekers in Iceland live in accommodations provided by the municipalities, Reykjanesbær, Reykjavík and Hafnarfjörður or by the Directorate of Immigration.

The Hafnarfjörður and Garðabær branch of the Icelandic Red Cross runs a social support program for asylum seekers in Iceland. The aim of the project is to reduce social isolation and offer a possibility to be active with focus on positive and useful experience. The support is twofold; visitation service and social activities. Volunteers offer visitations to asylum seekers at their place of residence. Social activities include short trips, sports, walks in and around the capital area, museum visits and courses along with regular get together (Social House) in the capital area and in Reykjanesbær (Keflavík).

Red Cross volunteers undertake a range of activities to help asylum seekers deal with the challenges they face and bring some joy into their daily lives. To be enlisted into the Social Support Program for Asylum Seekers the volunteer must speak English and should be prepared to commit to at least twice a month for 9 months. All volunteers are required to attend training courses on working with asylum seekers, psychosocial support and first aid courses, as well as an short online course about the Red Cross.

Do you want to volunteer with asylum seekers? 
If you are interested in joining this project, please register here and a member of staff from our volunteer center will get in touch with you.