Alternative circumstances regarding projects and activities at the Red Cross because of Covid-19

Some of the Red Cross's activities have changed or are on a temporary break due to Covid-19.

  • Open interview hour for tracing and family reunification is closed.  Please contact for information and assistance. 
  • Open house for immigrants and refugees is closed. Please contact for information and assistance with urgent matters.
  • Currently there are no ''Practice makes perfect'' events but weekly home exercises are posted on the projects's Facebook group along with other knowledge about learning Icelandic and other relevant issues.

  • Refugee Guide pairs are currently not meeting. However, they are keeping in contact through (video)calls and text messages. If you have recently received international protection and want a Refugee Guide, you can contact us. We will set up a meeting with you when meetings are allowed again. Keep in mind that it will take a while before we introduce you to someone. If you live in the Reykjavik area, you can contact: Pimm ( or 774 0464) or Berglind ( or 768 2595)

  • Information for asylum seekers is regularly updated on 

  • Open Interview Hours for asylum seekers are being offer on Wednesday from 12 - 15 in Hafnarfjörður, and Thursday from 12 - 15 in Reykjanesbær. Legal Support Open Hours in Reykjanesbær are running as usual (every two weeks during Interview Hours). Legal Support Hours in Hafnarfjörður are cancelled for the time being.

  • Social Activities for asylum seekers (both in Hafnarfjörður and Reykjanesbær/Keflavík) are cancelled until further notice. You will receive SMS announcements when activities are offered again including Zoom links to the online activities and support we are currently offering.

  • The Red Cross reception is closed. 

  • The clothing cards are not being distributed at the moment (except for asylum seekers through Interview hours).

  • The Red Cross clothing stores are closed until April 13th. 

  • The Poverty fund is closed.