Extreme poverty

The Red Cross has established a fund which offers emergency relief grants to those who live in extreme poverty. This is a temporary campaign project and by establishing the fund the Red Cross intends to promote support for, and to represent those who live in severe deprivation.

Income and assets will be used as criteria for determining poverty.

Emergency relief grant amounts

· Individuals ISK 40,000

· Married couples and cohabitants ISK 50,000

The grant amount is increased by ISK 10,000 for each child under 18 years of age of whom the applicant has custody and lives in the same domicile as the applicant.

How often is it possible to get grant allocation

The maximum allowable number of grant allocations to the same applicant is two times each calendar year. Grants will not be allocated for periods further back in time than two months from the date when the application was filed.

You can apply for the Red Cross emergency relief grant if you meet the following requirements

  •  Icelandic ID number - Kennitala
  • Domicile in Iceland
  • Monthly income is below ISK 200,000 (individuals), or if combined, below ISK 300,000 (married couples/cohabitants)
  • Assets do not exceed the residential housing and one family car.
  • That you/they have fully used their entitlement for the local authorities' social services, the unemployment fund and from the social security administration.
  • Please note that child benefits, child maintenance and housing benefit are not included in monthly income.

If you do not meet the requirements you can find other resources  here.

You can send an e-mail to adstod@redcross.is and get more information or assistance with filing the application.