Psychosocial Support for Refugee Projects


07 des.
Staðsetning Efstaleiti 9, 103 Reykjavík
Tími 18:00 - 21:00

This course is a training for those that want to be volunteers in projects with refugees. The focus of the course is PSS or psychosocial support. The course will be held in English.

This training course will introduce participants to the concepts of psychosocial support. The training is only for volunteers who will be working in projects with refugees with international protection in Iceland.
Psychosocial support is support given to people that helps meet their social and psychological needs - for example, the need to be listened to, the need for social connection, or the need to safely express their feelings and emotions.
In the training volunteers learn tools to strengthens their skills and knowledge to better support their refugee buddy in the volunteer project. The learned skills are also useful in everyday life, with other peers, family, and friends.