Personal Data Protection Policy


  • IRC emphasizes the security of our members, volunteers and benificiaries personal informations.
  • IRC emphasizes that all personal information is handled in accordance with laws and regulations concerning the use and privacy of personal data (Personal Data Act).
  • IRC emphasizes that the use of personal information is limited and only used with the goal of providing benificiaries, members and volunteers with the best possible service.
  • IRC emphasizes that the processing of personal information is done in a responsible, safe and lawful manner.
  • IRC emphasizes that all personal information, either provided by our benificiaries, members or volunteers or sought from third parties, is only used to provide the best possible service.

Personal Information

IRC guarantees;

  • To use personal information in a lawful manner.
  • That in the event of sharing personal information with third parties, e.g. for technical maintenance or payment services, said third parties are contractually obliged to limit their use of client‘s personal information solely to the service to be rendered.
  • To insure trust and transparency with third parties regarding the processing of personal information of IRC beneficiaries, members or volunteers.
  • That IRC beneficiaries, members or volunteers are the sole owners of their personal information and they alone have access to their personal information, as well as the appropriate IRC staff.

Statistical Summaries

IRC reserves the right to produce statistical summaries that are in no way personally identifiable and are used for internal work, such as annual reports, newsletters and company meetings.

IRC Website

IRC preserves the right to collect technical information about website use, such as type of browser used, links visited through the homepage, total time spent by users on the website etc. This data is used solely to improve the user experience, such as improving website design and to inform users of potential technical problems. No personal information is collected through this process.

Information given to 3rd Parties

IRC is contractually obliged to withold personal information from 3rd parties unless the beneficier, member or volunteer gives explicit permission, or if IRC is required by law to do so.

Accounting Data

IRC stores accounting data in accordance with the security requirements of the Personal Data Act as well as laws concerning the preservation of accounting records.

Limited Liability

In accordance with governing law, IRC is not liable for damages that my arise as a result of its service, unless such incidents can be attributed to gross negligence and intentional misuse of data on behalf of the RKÍ staff.

RKÍ is not responsible for any delays in the service provided that may occur as a result of unforeseeable circumstances (force majeure).

Law and Jurisdiction

The Personal Data Protection Policy is governed by Icelandic law. Any disputes or disagreements regarding this policy that are unable to be resolved in house will be subject to the District Court of Reykjavík.

Revisions to the Personal Data Protection Policy

IRC reserves the right to revise and update the Personal Data Protection Policy. Clients will be notified of any revisions or updates to the Policy through the RKÍ website.

Contact Information

If further information is needed regarding the Personal Data Protection Policy, please contact our office at

Honesty and trust is of the highest importance here at IRC. IRC is well aware of the trust in which beneficiaries, members, volunteers place in the association and therefore the RKÍ assigns great importance towards ensuring the security of any personal data.

Agreed upon by the board 20th of June 2018.

If there is a difference between the Icelandic and English version, the Icelandic one prevails.