We are unstoppable

Strategy for 2030 was approved by the Icelandic Red Cross' General Assembly in 2020. The strategy is founded on the global IFRC strategy and shaped by volunteers and staff members all over the country. 

The focus is set on five challenges facing humanity in the coming years and decades and three goals, the strategy can be read here.

Five main challenges.

Goal 1

People anticipate, respond to, and quickly recover from crisis

We will improve local response and preparedness. And we will tackle underlying causes of crises to reduce their impact or prevent them from occurring.

Goal 2

People lead safe, healthy and dignified lives and have opportunities to thrive

We will encourage well-being at all levels. This includes promoting positive social, mental and physical health, as well as supporting people’s livelihoods.

Goal 3

People mobilize for inclusive and peaceful communities

We will promote and support more inclusive, equitable and cohesive societies. We will embody our humanitarian values in all that we do.