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Support Grindavík

The Icelandic Red Cross has launched an emergency fundraising campaign to support Grindavík.

You can support the humanitarian work of the Red Cross in the following ways:

  • Text message: Send HJALP to 1900 (2,900kr)  (Síminn or Nova)
  • Aur: @raudikrossinn or 1235704000
  • Kass: @raudikrossinn or 7783609
  • Transfer: 0342-26-12, SSN: 530269-2649
  • Call 904-2500 (2.500 kr.)

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Based on the exchange rate on this date:
2.500 ISK = $18,15 USD
5.500 ISK = $39,92 USD
7.500 ISK = $54,44 USD
12.500 ISK = $90,75 USD
25.000 ISK = $181,48 USD
50.000 ISK = $362,95 USD


IBAN: IS460342260000125302692649