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Friends of humanity are monthly donors that support all humanitarian and reconstruction work of the Red Cross. The donations are divided equally between domestic and international projects.
Domestically we are a part of the country's emergency services, we provide psychosocial support after trauma and through our helpline 1717 every day of the year and maintain various project to meet the needs of refugees and asylum seekers to name a few.
International projects include responding to humanitarian crisis as well as long term development cooperation in various places, including Malawi and Sierra Leone.

Friends of humanity support all projects of the Icelandic Red Cross

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Provided information will be stored in our database for the sole purpose of registering information and tracking monthly donations. 

Information may be shared with third parties for service and follow-up. You can read about the handling of personal information in the company's privacy policy.

What can my monthly donation do?

Five volunteers in Malawi provided with tools for ensuring accessible healthcare in Malawi

Five warm blankets to those in need

Six girls provided with reusable menstrual hygiene products in Malawi

One child in Malawi provided with school fees for one year

One helpline conversation - 1717

Frequently asked questions

Anyone can become a friend of humanity, all that is needed is a credit card or bank account. 

Friends of humanity support domestic and international projects equally. 
Domestic projects include emergency response, harm reduction and our helpline 1717. 

International projects include Red Cross delegates, emergency response to humanitarian crises and various long-term projects including a mobile health clinic in Malawi and educational support in Sierra Leone.

Yes! Donations go into the resources needed to keep our projects running reaching those in need directly, at least 80% go directly towards projects while a maximum of 20% is utilized for further fundraising. 

Help us help others. The Icelandic Red Cross is thankful for every single friend of humanity. Friends of Humanity enable the Red Cross to respond quickly to humanitarian cries and organize long-term projects to meet the needs of society. 

The amount is up to you! Commonly friends of humanity donate between 3000-5000 per month. There is no commitment and the amount can easily be changed. 

Friends of humanity should also know about the annual tax deduction from their contributions. With the tax deduction a monthly contribution of 3500 amounts to 2170 with roughly 16000 in tax deduction on your annual tax report. Note that these numbers can change depending on your tax bracket. This happens automatically and you do not have to do anything. 

Here you can become a friend of humanity. You can also give us a call and we will guide you through the process 570-4000.

Yes you can. You just need permission from a parent/guardian and a valid credit card. Unfortunately donations from individuals that are under 18 cannot be linked to a bank account. 

Give us a call (570-4000) or send us an email ( and we will cancel you payments. 

We regularly campaign for monthly donors. We use numbers 570-4251-6 when campaigning.