Information website for residents of Grindavík

At there is now a website with information for residents of Grindavík

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Well-being and coping in the case of natural disaster

Here you can find information regarding how to react to the difficult situation the residents of Grindavík are now facing

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Residents of Grindavík who are in need of accomodation can register here

If you are a resident of Grindavík looking for accomodation you can apply here.

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Register accommodation that is available to the people of Grindavík

You can click on this link to register housing that is available to the people of Grindavík

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Always follow instructions issued by the department of civil protection. If you have questions, see "frequently asked questions" below or contact 1717 via telephone or online chat.

Frequently asked questions regarding evacuation

If you are going to a mass care center, registration will take place there. If you plan to stay elsewhere during the evacuation, report yourself and others you are evacuating with to 1717.

No. Everyone who needs to evacuate must be registered, both children and adults.

Yes. Everyone who lives or stays in the area being evacuated needs to make it clear where they will stay during the evacuation.

Yes. You can call 1717 and give information about where you are staying.

Yes, everyone who is being evacuated needs to be registered.

Yes, you can. It's important to bring along their cage/s.

Notify the nearest police station or mass care center that you need assistance to get out of the evacuation area.

No, as long as it is outside the evacuation area and your phone number has already been registered.

No, you do not need to notify anyone after the evacuation order is no longer in effect.

You need to contact the police to get a permit to retrieve necessities.

The doctor‘s shift at Sudurnes Hospital & Health Center and in Reykjavík can help residents of Grindavík renew their prescriptions. You can also call Sudurnes Hospital & Health Center at 4220500 or 5131700 to renew your prescription.

The addresses that need to be evacuated are listed in the announcements from the police and the department of civil protection and emergency management. If your home is not on this list you do not need to evacuate. There is no guarantee that the text messages are only sent to certain streets, and they are sent to inform residents about the evacuation.

There is no guarantee that the text message gets out to everyone, so you should follow the instructions/announcements given by police and the department of civil protection and emergency management.

We do not need more people at the mass care centers. Trained volunteers are at work. Those who want to assist us in future projects can apply to become a volunteer here, and then they may be contacted at a later date:

We are very grateful that many people have contacted us and offered to bring things for the people at the mass care centers, but thankfully we are all set and do not need anything else.

If you want to support our emergency response you can register as a friend of humanity right here:

It‘s best to bring it to our clothing collection containers. Their locations can be found here:

Earthquakes in Reykjanes

Here you can see an evacuation plan for Grindavík

Tutaj możesz zobaczyć plan ewakuacji dla Grindavík

Civil protection - evavuations

If you evacuate from a dangerous area (because of building safety, danger from avalanches, or other natural disasters, or a larger area based on the decision of the government), take the following actions

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