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Icelandic Red Cross

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The Icelandic Red Cross Society was founded 10th of December, 1924. The first chairman of the Icelandic Red Cross was Sveinn Björnsson, who  later became the first president of the nation. The Society has always been in the front line in matters concerning health, social services and education. Many projects started by the Red Cross are now run by the Icelandic state, local government or other authorities. Volunteers have played a very strong role in the work of the Red Cross from the start.

The Icelandic Red Cross has a many different tasks domestically. The main emphasis is on bringing assistance where it is needed. New projects are chosen as a result of surveys and analysis. The Society carries out surveys regularly on a national scale to find out which groups in Icelandic society are most vulnerable with the aim of supporting them. Local branches of the Icelandic Red Cross also carry out surveys to gather information on circumstances in their local communities.

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