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All donations for the Red Cross' emergency fundraising will be used to meet the needs of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine and those living with increased food shortages as a result of the conflict, e.g. residents of East Africa. Fundraising money is used to provide emergency services such as ensuring access to food, water, health care, shelter and providing psychological support. The collection also covers the Red Cross' relief work for refugees in Iceland.


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The conflict in Ukraine has caused one of the greatest humanitarian problems of recent times. The conflict has, for example, increased food insecurity in East Africa, which was facing a severe food shortage before the conflict. Our monthly donors support all humanitarian and reconstruction work of the Red Cross.

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The Icelandic Red Cross has branches all over Iceland that work according to our strategy in disaster services, with migrants, in health projects, clothing projects and more.

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One of our foundations is a diverse group of volunteers that represent the community and gives us the strength and possibility to work on our projects. We emphasize community engagement and provide volunteers with the tools and knowledge they need.

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Icelandic Red Cross and international projects

International projects

Icelandic Red Cross emphasizes protection, gender and inclusion as well as national society development and climate change response.

International projects

2020 in numbers

Disaster response calls 104
Volunteers 2500
People in mass care centers 800
People in refugee programs 1500
1717 issues 25.000
Trained in first aid 8500

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10 Aug

Bjargvættir - skyndihjálp fyrir ungmenni

Námskeiðið er ætlað börnum og ungmennum á aldrinum 12-16 ára sem vilja læra grunnatriði skyndihjálpar og öðlast lágmarksfærni í að veita slösuðum eða veikum aðstoð í bráðatilfellum.

Location Strandgötu 24, 220 Hafnarfjörður
Time 11:00 - 14:00
Instructor Guðni Sigurðsson
16 Aug

2 tíma verklegt eftir vefnámskeið

Námskeiðið er fyrir alla þá sem hafa lokið vefnámskeiði í skyndihjálp hjá Rauða krossinum.

Location Strandgötu 24, 220 Hafnarfjörður
Time 17:00 - 19:00
Instructor Sigurður Guðni Haraldsson
23 Aug

Inngangur að neyðarvörnum - fjarnámskeið

Námskeiðið er kynning á neyðarvörnum Rauða krossins og helstu verkefnum innan þeirra, þar á meðal opnun fjöldahjálpastöðva, hlutverk Rauða krossins í almannavörnum og fleira. Í lokin verður samantekt og umræður.

Location ZOOM, 103 Reykjavík
Time 18:30 - 21:00
Instructor Örvar Þorri Rafnsson

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Sign up to the IFRC Learning Platform to join our humanitarian education community of practice and access our wide range of free online learning courses open to National Society staff and volunteers, partners and the public. Please note that to gain access to training courses created by the Icelandic Red Cross you must choose Iceland under the Division field. The Learning Platform is open to all.

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