Culture and Gender Based Violence


27 feb.
Staðsetning Efstaleiti 9, 103 Reykjavík
Tími 09:00 - 15:00
Leiðbeinandi Azra Sehic

Cultural sensitivity training is designed to enhance understanding and respect for diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering an inclusive and empathetic environment in workplaces or communities.

This training is designed to prepare or refresh the knowledge of the GBV responders for the diversity that is increasing in ever-changing Icelandic society. It provides basic understanding of culture and how it relates to different forms of gender-based violence; why and how we can increase our cultural sensitivity to reduce risks of a further harm and, investigates opportunities to use culture to safeguard the healing social environment. This is not a general GBV training, but it is designed for those who have some training in GBV and are involved in responding to GBV in their own roles.